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Ejderha Yuvası M Resmi Sürümü Çok Yakında Türkiye’de. 2 years ago. ·. K Views.

Ejderha Yuvası (Dragon Nest Türkiye) İndirin ve PC&Mac ile Bilgisayarınızda Oynayın

1 Ejderha Yuvası Tanıtımı 2 Yuva Yöneticisi 3 Ejderha Giysisi 4 Ejderha Bilgisi 5 Ejderha Süreci 6 Ejderha yuvaları Süreci Nasıl Kullanılır 7 Yetenek Eğitimi 8 Toplama 9. Sihirli Krallık – Ejderha Yuvası-Kolektif kitabı en iyi fiyatla burada! Tıkla, Sihirli Krallık – Ejderha yuvaları Yuvası-Kolektif eserini hızlı ve kolay bir şekilde satın al. Dragon Nest: Warriors ‘Dawn, Soong Yuefeng tarafından yönetilen ve Dragon Nest video oyununa dayanan bir Çin animasyon fantezi-romantizm-macera filmi.

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123 Responses to Ejderha yuvaları

  1. Lupus Madiun diyorki:

    Coba dragon nest ada trusnaya pasti seru dragon nest 3 gitu

  2. AndrewGames diyorki:

    Is it coming out with English fun?:D

  3. Oguzhan Bal diyorki:

    One lan ole çin sürümümü

  4. Tara Chatri diyorki:

    Guys where is lia

  5. Theo8176 diyorki:

    I think it was a good idea they change it since the actually movie looks so much better

  6. Smarty diyorki:

    Better than most trailers in DN history.

  7. Angela Mae Velasco diyorki:

    Is that Lambert? because he looks like him ..

  8. P.R Alfa Alfa diyorki:

    Quiero estar Película 3 parte

  9. Rookie Diablo diyorki:


  10. SHAMIL Ps diyorki:

    I can watch 3

  11. Jonathan D diyorki:

    just a warning to those who are new to the game…join SEA server…Nexon is not recommended lol

  12. Edmar Fritz Opiña diyorki:

    Lambert is seems like a kid Alucard😅😂

  13. AnimeChan diyorki:

    Hm cool 😮

  14. Eren Jeager diyorki:

    Kapan rilis

  15. Md Methun diyorki:


  16. Azhar Javed diyorki:

    Can I please see whats liya s new look

  17. Sandee Galecio diyorki:

    I think I watch this but wheres liya

  18. Portallo Louie P. AB12A2 diyorki:


  19. Roseanne Maleriado diyorki:

    I think the girl is lia

  20. Enigma Seeker diyorki:

    That background song was from Two Steps From Hell.

  21. jazethpogi22 diyorki:

    So this could have been the original movie that would follow the games story… What the F happened? The movies could been so much better if they still followed the game setting…

  22. Para Site diyorki:

    can someone tell me the music in this trailer? plzzz

  23. Lucas Souza diyorki:

    its movie 2: Throne of Elves

  24. Dionisius Bintang Nugraha diyorki:

    Please dragon nest 3

  25. Sumonbahadur Sumonbahadur diyorki:

    Please upload hindhi dubbed full movie

  26. Beautiful Music diyorki:

    Its part 2 as some parts are added from game

  27. Nadeem Sadiq diyorki:

    When coming

  28. Karl Andrei diyorki:


  29. maxxie obby diyorki:


  30. amaurys01 narvaez diyorki:

    cuando sale el 3 capitulo de Dragon west ¿? me sises men :V

  31. Hannah Klien diyorki:

    Not that I didnt like the movie the way it is. But I wish it would have been more like this. You know, awesome main character, shows some of his past leading up to it all.
    Wait, in a little confused now, which movie is this trailer for? I thought the first one was called warriors dawn and the second one throne of elves, so what is this?

  32. Eren Jeager diyorki:

    When will it be released

  33. Dogan Yaldiz diyorki:

    Bunun türkcesi yokmu

  34. ESILLAY diyorki:

    name of the song pretty please 1:09?

    • Borkupine diyorki:

      ESILLAY as amarok said, its
      *united we stand, divided we fall — two steps from hell*
      but it was remade by someone (when i say remade, i mean it was changed to have a pretty different melody, the original song really stuck to a few notes that were close together, but the mix had a lot of it everywhere)

      both are really good, gl if u can find the mix

    • ESILLAY diyorki:

      @AMAROK MERCY Жалко очень!

    • AMAROK [MERCY] diyorki:

      Unknown mix

    • AMAROK [MERCY] diyorki:

      Two Steps From Hell – United We Stand. Divided We Fall

  35. Sam and Angelie Vlogs diyorki:

    Is this really real? Coz they say the first part is the Dragon Nest: Warriors Dawn and the second is Throne of Elves. And I cant even see a movie about that…

  36. Liyan Hidayat diyorki:

    What I love dragon nest Thank you dragon nest

  37. bregade gaming diyorki:

    Is that shiela?

  38. Gaming Boy diyorki:

    I watched this before

  39. SHAMIL Ps diyorki:

    Good movie

  40. SOSO كيوت diyorki:

    هو دا النسخة الاصلية

  41. rio decarlito diyorki:

    I like some liya and xiao you is the beatiful

  42. Ian Macoy diyorki:

    Cool He use Brave woah !!

  43. Angela Mae Velasco diyorki:

    Is that Lambert? because he looks like him ..

  44. Chandan Kumar diyorki:

    Hindi me dragon nest 2 kab aayega

  45. Angela Mae Velasco diyorki:

    Is that Lambert? because he looks like him ..

  46. Viraj Ghadge diyorki:

    Hey where I can watch this movie in English?? Plz give me a link

  47. YASHU HARVANSH diyorki:

    The movie same as dragon nest warriors dwan but ,it look little different

  48. ArYan Chaurasia diyorki:

    This is awesome movie…I like it

  49. Gabriel Velez diyorki:

    When does it come out?! *-*

    • Gabriel Velez diyorki:

      Oh, I see. Thanks for the quick answer! 😀
      I was actually looking for a skill build guide and I found this. I was like… OH MY GOD! O_O

    • opium2k diyorki:

      The Chinese site says June 2014 but it doesnt say which countries it will be in on that date.

  50. Mr Inteligent Doom diyorki:


  51. Hdgu Dhsjgjdu diyorki:

    ارجو تنزيل فلم كرتون الجزء الثالث مترجم وشكرا لكم

  52. Lawrence Dave Baruela diyorki:

    why fish has a different sword than the movie

  53. Samara Buchanan diyorki:

    can somebody tell me the name of the song pretty please

  54. Septian Primadewa diyorki:

    he is……….. barnac

  55. anime fairy diyorki:

    It is a game!!!!!!!!!

  56. Blaze Glaze diyorki:

    Ill be surely looking forward for thus! Even though I wasnt fond of playing the game. 😅

  57. Goood Best diyorki:

    Watching 2021 👀📺😉

  58. davidiswhat diyorki:

    Movie looks better than it actually is since you know the actual skills in game

  59. Arisna Arisna diyorki:

    ap gk ada deragon altera fersi 3. Ya pengen donglod lagi

  60. Md Rohoman diyorki:

    Naice move i laike it .

  61. EpicDreem Lp diyorki:

    xd its funny if u saw the real movie and then this

    • AR khanze diyorki:

      Yep, the actual movie like wasting my time.
      This young velskud, all he want is power so theres no fucking love story

  62. Nazim Khan diyorki:

    Dragon nest Hindi mai Doosra aur Teesra part full movie

  63. Thwe Oo diyorki:


  64. 4 Gamer diyorki:

    calderock village…..n that dungeon…at black mountain foothill

  65. Mohaira Simbuangan diyorki:

    please season 3

  66. Hayat Ahmad Afridi diyorki:

    Please in hindi

  67. Antoinette Gerali diyorki:

    Where Can I watch the full movie?

  68. Noralba Barbosa diyorki:

    Hola alguien me puede desir cuándo sale a cine quiero verla

  69. Yawar Ahmaf diyorki:

    Dragon nest 2 Hindi mai Hindi movie

  70. rio decarlito diyorki:

    Please exit episode 4

  71. Vinz Palabasan diyorki:

    Such fake

  72. AMVLegoMaster~ diyorki:

    Wait a minute…Putting together logic…is that Velskud?!

    • AR khanze diyorki:

      Hope so he is velskud..

      fucc lambert and lovey dovey story

    • EpicDreem Lp diyorki:

      Velsgud and Gerrant..i love them

    • ackruhii diyorki:

      @Momchil Momchilov and Argenta – the silver dragon

    • jazethpogi22 diyorki:

      No not yet anyway… This is the story of the 6 heroes and the black dragon raid mentioned in the games lore and would follow Lamberts story before the warrior character was born and before he bowed down to Feder…

    • Momchil Momchilov diyorki:

      @Jura Sekys Terramai-Cleric, Karacule(Kasarana)-Sorceress, Barnac-Warrior, Nerwin-Archer and Geraint-Golden Dragon.

  73. rappergg545 osorio diyorki:

    Went is this coming

  74. Ivanca Sykes diyorki:


  75. william eduardo chavez renderos diyorki:

    y la pelicula completa

  76. Zethro Hermoso diyorki:

    is this part 3?

  77. Haikhal Haikhal diyorki:

    g w
    suka karena he punya permainsnnya