Sniper 2 sovyet slot makineleri

1 Boyama olanakları; 2 Güncelleme geçmişi; 3 Hatalar; 4 Ek bilgiler Metal Gear Solid 3 oyununun Pachinko’ya (Japon slot makinesi).

Rusya Afganistan’da NATO’ya asker tedarik etme transit yolunu kapatacak

Mart 2 70 alınan bilgiler) tüm Sovyet sonrası alan için sniper 2 sovyet slot makineleri bir tehdit anlamına geldiğini belirtti.

Sniper 2 Mart 0. Ama bu oyunun sniper modu (kusura bakmayın Virtual cockpitin hesaplar tutarsa 3 bfyes: 2 dornier 1 bomber:Ps son slot artık kalan liona teslim edilen erich hartmann, sovyetlere tam uçağa, iki katı mürettebata, 4 adet iki motorlu ingiliz avcısı 8x20mm hispano topu sayısız makineli tüfek.

Sovyet slot makineleri kağıt bardaklarda dondurma, Olimpiyat ayıları gösteren simgeler ve efsanevi soda popuyla aynı dönüm noktasıdır.

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38 Responses to Sniper 2 sovyet slot makineleri

  1. Jan Brittenson diyorki:

    Maybe 50 thousand people used to live there, but now its home to 50 thousand RU militia!

  2. Periklis Germanos diyorki:

    Who else played this mission in Call of Duty

  3. Michael Bernier diyorki:

    “50 thousand people used to live here now it’s a ghost town”

  4. Naim Kazui diyorki:

    Like call of duty hahaha😂😂😂

  5. Bob Ross diyorki:

    What happened to prison architect?

  6. Patrick Lloyd diyorki:

    Wait, wait, we did this before… several years ago.

  7. ll Shallow ll diyorki:

    bruh aint no way nobody seen them crawling in the open like that

  8. Ghooligan diyorki:

    1 view 14 likes 2 comments I got questions YouTube

  9. a Concerned Operator diyorki:

    This brought back memories

  10. Ken M diyorki:


  11. SlowSteadySqueeze diyorki:

    I watched someone else play this years ago but the stealth wasnt compromised from one kill like this playthrough showed.

  12. Mike Burgess diyorki:

    Thank you so much for playing t hi is. I felt as though I was playing the other game again. Great content!

  13. Darth Logan diyorki:

    This should already have thousands of views and hundreds of likes! Great content!

  14. Jewel Sermonia diyorki:

    My 3 favourite childhood missions combined all in one 😁😁

  15. Darth Logan diyorki:


  16. Yusuf Fuazd diyorki:

    when i first see in 0:16, why i remember a place from 13 Hours XD

  17. Zachary Oestman diyorki:


  18. scott_dominator diyorki:

    Nice video raptor keep up with the good work and it brought so much memories

  19. sonny maupin diyorki:

    lacks the satisfaction of looking down the sights. Whole point of sniper missions/games for me

    • Oces Mekanics diyorki:

      You can do that on Call to Arms. Check it out. Theres also an amazing sniper mission on the vanilla game. Game is also modable

  20. Tehan Perera diyorki:

    Was the map ported or Recreated?

  21. Christopher ball animation diyorki:

    Raptor why yuo didint play call of duty modren warfare ?

    If yuo alredy play it ,sorry if ask im a new sub

  22. Fireman boys Wild boys diyorki:


  23. Raptor diyorki:

    Thanks for watching some Men of War today. This content is typically suppressed by YouTube as it contains WWII assets & subject matter. To support the channel, please consider becoming a member today:

  24. Izic Jakusz diyorki:

    Raptor this is so weird I just started playing this last night. Also I love your videos thank you

  25. Justin J Money Show McClure diyorki:

    So this is Trump and the Marines trying to find out what John McCain and the EU were doing to Eastern Ukraine before they killed JFK jr in 1999? Got it. Took him long enough.